Dedicated To The Ones we Love - Our Pets

Truth be told I was never a huge animal lover (not a hater) even though I have even been bit by a few.
Then one day my wife and kids surprised me with an early Christmas present, a miniature schnoodle. For those like me who had no idea of this mix bread phenomenon it it a cross between a Schnauzer and a Poodle...and have folks had fun with mixed breeds, Skiperdoodles, Afenpoo, Wolamute, Cock-a Mo, Pomino, Puggat, Jack-A-Be, Poogle, Labradoodle and the list goes on.
Well I soon began to understand why people love these four legged creatures. The joy they can bring to a family from simple unconditional love is something to behold. And as things would have it two months before my son left for college he brought home a baby kitten. So now we have a couple of these four legged creatures running around our home and they are always sure to bring a smile to one of our faces if not all. Its also kind of funny to see my daughter tweeting how she was so excited to come home for Thanksgiving break so that she could see her dog (not parents).
I get it now, why leave those guys behind!

While the Patio at the Patio Seafood Tavern has been pet friendly since we have opened we have not done enough to celebrate this. So we are dedicating this page to you had your pooch.
From time to time we will post pictures of you and your loved ones and we are even working on a special menu so that they can dine with you (due to city regulations we are unable to offer food service to your pooch :( ).